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Key Features of the Tracker: -Record Every Catch. No more paper logs that get lost. Above: a screenshot from the Anglr Log Book’s trip review screen. Seamlessly building out a lifetime log of your locations, memories, and top-producing conditions. DetailsAnglers are addicted to catching bigger fish, more frequently. Connect the ANGLR Tracker to the free ANGLR App and automate your fishing log to crack the code to catch more fish. Get ahead of the curve with the evolution of fishing using the ANGLR™ Fishing Trip Tracker. Paired with the FREE ANGLR App, it pins key locations, displays real-time statistics, and automatically sources key local environmental factors to.

NOTE ON SUBSCRIPTIONS: You can subscribe to a monthly or yearly subscription. At the end of the day, the Anglr Log Book gives fishermen high level statistics in a readable format. The Anglr Fishing Tracker is a rod-mounted, Bluetooth-enabled box designed to do exactly that. The ANGLR Tracker does the logging for you, letting you focus on catching the big one. ANGLR is a free fishing intelligence app for avid anglers. ANGLR Bullseye Bluetooth Fishing Tracker (Free shipping on all orders over .

No more forgetting. The device is called Anglr Tracker and is developed by the folks at Anglr. What sets it apart? Keep all your fishing securely stored in one place. You attach it to your rod and it senses your casts, catches, and position.

Just download the ANGLR mobile app, pair it with your Bullseye, and your smartphone will automatically start tracking your water, wather, and other location data. The Tracker uses sensors to automatically capture and log key variables directly from your fishing rod. If fishing is part of your soul, not just a season, then ANGLR is for you. The ANGLR Bullseye is a small Bluetooth button that pairs with the free ANGLR app to develop your fishing knowledge database. This GPS Tracker is a Piece of Fishing Gear That Will Help You Improve Your Fishing The Bullseye is a bluetooth accessory that pairs with the free ANGLR fishing intelligence app to create a fishing journal that writes itself for you as you fish. Your entire trip activity is recorded so you can analyze your game and create ways to improve.

The Anglr tracker tracks your trips, logs every catch, real time statistics, Drops pins every fish you catch and much more. I have been using the Anglr smart phone app for about 6 months now and love it! Using “smart sensors,” the tracker automatically records catches and cast counts.

The ANGLR Bullseye anglr tracker manual is a Bluetooth anglr tracker manual button that pairs with ANGLR’s free app (web, android and iOS) to create the most powerful and effortless fishing intellige. Measure and improve your fishing. Automate your fishing log! The ANGLR Tracker and ANGLR App replaces all that and more. Not only that, the folks at ANGLR Labs are going to pair it with a new G. Don&39;t worry - all of your fishing data is totally private, so you won&39;t encounter any newbies flooding your special spots. The ANGLR Bullseye is the easiest and fastest way to mark waypoints and catches without ever pulling out your phone or tapping around on a graph. FYI: The ANGLR Tracker and Log Book are now available at tackle shops and sporting good outlets nationwide, as well as these online retailers.

ANGLR and Vibe Kayaks have teamed up to create an in-app experience unlike any other. ANGLR captures every experience you have out there, so you can catch more, learn more, share more and relive all the moments that matter most. No more manual fishing logs to keep up with. To drop a Honey Hole anglr tracker manual pin, double press the Status Button at any point during your trip. This little device then tracks just about everything you need for fishing. Also find Tracker mount kits, hats, shirts, lanyards, and more.

The ANGLR Tracker paired with a free smartphone app tracks all of your fishing catches for you while you are on the water. Pair it with the optional tracker and you have the greatest trip tracker ever! Web, android and iOS app.

Wear, stick, or hang this small, simple, and convenient button anywhere. Enter your Vibe Kayak into the ANGLR app and be registered for prizes! Now, you&39;ll never stop improving with the ANGLR Bullseye Fishing Tracker! Normally 9, you can actually win one!

These bluetooth devices allow you to collect fishing data like catches, waypoints, weather, water conditions and more faster and easier than ever. This tracker mounts to your rod and tracks everything from casts to catches directly to your phone app. Unlock the secret patterns of your waters and harness the knowledge of the pros to catch more! ANGLR Shop is where you can purchase ANGLR Tracker and ANGLR Bullseye directly from ANGLR. The ANGLR Bullseye Bluetooth Fishing Tracker pairs with the free ANGLR app available on Android and iOS devices to make marking catches and waypoints as simple as anglr a click of a button. ANGLR app auto-captures real-time GPS route, weather & water conditions, logs catches, and drops waypoints all while building a complete trip profile. It consists of your free fishing profile across devices, optional fishing tracker accessories, and a community of passionate anglers. The ANGLR Labs technology platform includes two components to allow fishermen to accurately and seamlessly track their fishing trips, the ANGLR app (for both iOS and Android) and Tracker.

Connect the ANGLR Tracker to the free ANGLR App and automate your fishing log to crack the code to catching more fish. The Anglr Tracker consists of a small device that can mount onto any fishing rod. Automatically capturing the most successful variables throughout your fishing trips to provide you with the right locations, patterns, and decisions for catching fish. It is a device which is attached to your fishing rod and uses smart sensors to keep count on your cast, cast direction as.

Anglr Tracker uses sensors to automatically capture key variables on the water so you have more time to focus on catching the big one. Their product, the Anglr Tracker, is an activity tracker for fishing. Features: The ANGLR Bullseye is a Bluetooth interface that syncs with the 100% free ANGLR smartphone app to help you track your catches, waypoints, and other relevant data for identifying fish behavior patterns. ABOUT ANGLR LABS ANGLR is a fishing intelligence platform created to help anglers constantly improve together. Click Bullseye and automatically record catch locations, editable waypoints, conditions and more. Sign up for exclusive sales and offers.

The free ANGLR mobile app auto-records entire trips with GPS, gathering key weather and water data throughout the day. Minute by Minute Water and Weather Conditions Auto-sourcing data from water buoys and local weather stations, ANGLR collects environmental data and applies it to your entire trip, catches, and. Press and hold records specific gear changes. Loomis E6X fishing rod! Fishing means proper planning, strong instinct, and great stories—and the ANGLR Tracker helps you do all three.

Using a series of sensors, it automatically logs how many times you cast, where, when, and how many fish you catch, your reeling behaviors, cast direction, and fight time, so if you land the big one in an epic, multi-hour battle, you&39;ll finally have. ) The ANGLR Bullseye is a Bluetooth enabled remote that pairs with ANGLR’s free fishing app. It’s free to enter and there is a link down below. Susquehanna Fishing Tackle has Anglr products available now at the lowest prices anywhere! ANGLR Tracker detects casts and will display in trip bar. When paired with the companion app, it can detect your location and automatically mark a map of it with pins to show the exact spots where you managed to land a catch. Just pair with Bluetooth to the FREE ANGLR App to automate your logging experience.

Automatically log fishing data like gps waypoints, catches, casts, and weather and water conditions. Simply connect the ANGLR Tracker to the free ANGLR App and automate your fishing log, so you can finally crack the code to catching more fish. ANGLR Tracker uses smart sensors to automatically record casts, catches, and mark waypoints directly from your fishing rod. Bringing data collection to your fingertip, Bullseye allows users to record relevant fishing details with the click of a finger. ANGLR Tracker marks catch locations where fish are detected on hook. ANGLR Tracker is your new partner on the water. Shop all of our 700+ top brands. The app pairs with the Anglr Tracker via Bluetooth and essentially make the process hands free.

Tech company Anglr recently released fishing trip tracking system using Bullseye — Bluetooth-enabled button that can be worn on a neck lanyard or affixed to a boat. While mounted to your anglr tracker manual rod, it tracks your casts, catches, reeling behaviors and more. Plan, record, and improve your fishing. The ANGLR mobile app is a free download available. Share your fishing trips and moments with your friends at your discretion. Shop optional fishing trackers.

ANGLR is a free fishing intelligence app for avid anglers. Anglr Bullseye Fishing Tracker w/ GPS App. Use it to track productive pieces of structure, laydowns, spawning beds, weedlines, reefs, wrecks, and eluci. One-click privately records catches.

No more rain ruined journals. The ANGLR Tracker automatically captures and logs key variables directly from your fishing rod by using sensors. Seamlessly build out a lifetime log of your locations, memories, and top-producing conditions.

Two-clicks marks private waypoint. The Anglr is a small electronic device that you place on your fishing rod. Fishing logbook and fishing analytics for serious anglers. Problem is, nobody wants to use the manual logs. Be the first to know about product. The tracker is a small device that straps to a fishing rod and then connects to the Anglr app via Bluetooth.

Anglr is the developer of the Anglr Tracker, one of the most innovative fishing technologies in a long time! ANGLR Bullseye Fishing Tracker The ANGLR Bullseye Fishing Tracker lets you track your fishing data without having to pull out your logbook or phone every time.

Anglr tracker manual

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